WIND FARM TERRES BLANCHES (FRANCE) – VESTAS By the end of last year, Tecnorenova performed a project for our client Vestas, nearby the well-known city of Lyon (France). The wind turbines assembled in this occasion were the model V100 of 100 meters high, with the latest version MK8. Remarkable is that fact of the tremendous effort by Tecnorenova’s technicians in order to perform the project in the tight planned schedule, due to the fact that December contains important bank holidays. These were the words of our client in order to express their gratitude: “I take the opportunity of this year-end to highlight our overall satisfaction regarding your Terres-Blanches project intervention in France. Even if we will have to talk next weeks to definitively close our collaboration on this project, we really enjoyed behaviours you have shown throughout your work, and especially in more difficult situations. By wishing you and your family all the best for next year”