Tecnorenova joins double training programme FP Dual initiative in Galicia

The company has signed an agreement with the Galician vocational school CIFP Ferrolterra to take part in two higher vocational training programmes.

FP Dual has been implemented in Galicia as a new vocational training concept that combines education at a vocational school with comprehensive internships at a company. The aim is to realistically train students to master the different tasks of a production process while widening their employability.

Tecnorenova offers internship opportunities for 15 students in two higher vocational training programmes, Renewable Energies and Industrial Mechatronics. Ciclo Superior en Energías Renovables y el Ciclo Superior en Mecatrónica Industrial.

These programmes are set to be completed in four semesters. The theoretical part is taught at a vocational school during the first semester, while the internship takes place on the second semester.


Due to the pandemic situation, our students had to postpone their original internship programme (set to start in February 2020) until September this year, which means they will stay with us until January 2021. After that, they must complete another semester of theoretical classes. Then, they will be able to complete the programme and become the first promotion of professionals trained under this initiative.

If you are curious about the content of these training programmes, you can visit the official website here..