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Maintenance and large corrective measures for wind turbines

Our technicians are specialized in preventive maintenance of self-generators and equipment for major corrections of different types of turbines (changes of multipliers, bearings, etc.).

It is an added complement to our main lifting and transport services, as well as electromechanical installation and commissioning to cover all customer needs.

Some related jobs:

Inspections and monitoring

One of the keys to maintaining wind turbines is carrying out inspections and continuous monitoring. This makes it possible to detect any anomaly or wear in the components before they become a major problem.

Visual inspections

Visual inspections are an essential part of preventive maintenance. Technicians from a wind turbine maintenance company examine the tower, blades, nacelle, and other components for signs of wear, corrosion, cracks, and other damage.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is another essential tool for wind turbine maintenance. Control systems and sensors in the wind turbine collect data on performance, vibrations and weather conditions, allowing technicians to identify potential problems and plan maintenance efficiently.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential to ensure optimal operation of wind turbines and prevent unexpected failures. It includes a series of actions and procedures that are carried out periodically.


Regular lubrication of moving components such as gearboxes and bearings is essential to reduce friction and wear. Technicians use proper lubricants and check oil levels to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Blade cleaning

Cleaning the blades of the wind turbine helps to maintain its aerodynamic efficiency and prevent the accumulation of dirt, ice and other contaminants. Technicians perform cleaning using specialized methods and equipment, such as lifting platforms or rope systems.

Minor adjustments and repairs

Preventive maintenance also includes making minor adjustments and repairs, such as tightening bolts, tightening electrical connections, and replacing worn components.

Corrective maintenance

Despite preventive actions, problems can arise in wind turbines that require immediate attention. Corrective maintenance is responsible for solving these problems and returning the wind turbine to normal operation.

Repair or replacement of components

When a defective or damaged component is spotted, the technicians of the wind turbine maintenance company proceed to repair or replace it. This may include replacing damaged blades, repairing gearboxes, or replacing bearings, among others.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical problems, such as short circuits, control system or generator failure, also require corrective maintenance. Specialized wind turbine maintenance technicians diagnose and solve these problems to ensure safe and efficient power generation.

Updates and improvements

Corrective maintenance may also involve updating and improving the control and safety systems of wind turbines, incorporating new technologies and improving the efficiency and safety of the operation.

Training and safety

Wind turbine maintenance is a highly specialized job and requires trained and certified technicians. Furthermore, due to the working conditions at height and in sometimes adverse environments, safety is paramount. Our wind turbine maintenance company ensures that our technicians are properly trained and follow strict safety measures.

In short, wind turbine maintenance is an essential process that ensures the efficiency and durability of these wind power generators.

Frequent questions

What are the main maintenance problems in wind turbines?

The main maintenance problems in wind turbines are related to component wear and corrosion, gearbox and bearing problems, blade damage, electrical failures, and control and safety system problems. Proper and regular maintenance helps prevent and solve these problems, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

How many years does a wind turbine last?

The lifetime of a wind turbine is usually approximately 20-25 years. However, this can vary depending on the quality of maintenance, weather conditions and other factors. Good maintenance can extend the useful life and improve the efficiency of wind turbines.

What happens to wind turbines when there is no wind?

When there is no wind, wind turbines do not generate electricity, since their operation depends on the force of the wind. However, the control and monitoring systems continue to operate, and technicians can take advantage of these quiet periods to carry out maintenance and repairs. In a diversified energy system, other sources of energy, such as solar or hydroelectric, can make up for the lack of wind production at times of low wind.